Custom Home Building

Build a custom home to get your dream home within your budget!

Let me help you answer these tough questions:

What will everything cost? How long will it take? How much down payment do I need? Do I buy the land first or wrap everything into a custom construction loan? How do I find a builder and a lender?

Utilizing a team approach is the best way to ensure the property and home will work for you. At Landman Inc, I help you build that team.

First choose a custom home builder who has experience through good and bad markets, who has built homes on the type of property you are purchasing, and, has experience with the city or county regulations and practices.

Second, choose the right lender for your project. Not all lenders do land loans or custom construction loans. Even here, an experienced loan officer is crucial. I know several excellent lenders and can help you with options.

Third, house plans for deciding between an architect, modifying a stock home plan, or having your custom floor plan drawn from scratch. Your choice will depend on your budget and other variables.

While looking for land to build on, Landman Inc will assist you with creating a general budget. This will help you look for land in your price range so you can still afford to build on it.

The general budget will include: septic or sewer, water or well, power, clearing, permit fees, sensitive area studies, surveys, drainage, home per square foot, land price, bank fees, interest rates, and more.

When I find the right property for you, I will fine tune that budget and bring in the builder to consult in assisting with the decision to buy.

At Landman Inc, I believe my role is to coach, teach and guide you through this process.

I want to help you be excited and have fun while going through this process.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your custom dream home!